Woman Left In Agony When Her Chest Tattoo Falls Off, Taking Her Skin With It

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We have all fallen victim to our own bright ideas at some point or another. If you haven’t then it may be a sign that you have a few more brain cells than the rest of the world’s population.

One person who knows only too well how bad a bright idea can be is Pasuda Reaw. The 21-year-old student from Thailand learned the hard way when she attempted to have a tattoo removed from her chest.

For Reaw, this was a fresh start, one that could potentially improve her chances of getting a job upon leaving university. Little did she know that it would be one of the biggest regrets of her life.

We bet these people also regret their life-altering tattoos…

Opting for a chemical method, a cheaper alternative to the popular laser treatment that most people choose when removing a tattoo, Reaw was hopeful that she’d be able to erase the rose garland that adorned her chest.

But as the chemicals were inserted into her skin with a tattoo gun, Reaw began to regret her decision.

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“At first it seemed like a good way to remove the tattoo. I did not want to use lasers,” the student explains. “I began the treatment and immediately it was itchy and hurting a lot.”

Days after the treatment, Reaw was still experiencing a “torturous pain” in her chest as the chemical began to lift the tattoo from her skin. But her ordeal wasn’t over there.

“The skin has taken a long time to come off. It was like torture and I could not sleep,” Reaw explains.

Just one month after the chemicals were injected into her body, an impatient and desperate Reaw peeled the tattoo off of her chest, leaving wounds to her skin.

“What is left if worse than before. I do not recommend this treatment because it hurts so bad and takes a long time,” Reaw explains. “Laser is a lot of money but I wish I had done that. At times the pain of the itching and the scar were unbearable.”

Now the student is left with a mass of pink scar tissue in the place of her tattoo, but thankfully the pain has ceased.

Reaw shared the photographs of her traumatic ordeal in the hope that others would think twice before opting for the same treatment method – or about getting a tattoo in an impractical place to begin with!

It’s safe to say that I have heard her message loud and clear, have you?

As technology advances, so does the options available for tattoo removal. However, it’s always a good idea to fully vet the method that you choose, because it’s not a simple procedure – or a cheap one either.

If you don’t want to end up in a similar predicament to Reaw then it’s a good idea to save up and spend your money wisely on a tried and tested tattoo removal therapy! Otherwise, what’s the point? The likelihood is that you’ll end up with something you’ll regret even more!

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