White High School Students In Texas Wore Fake Tattoo, Corn Rows For Thug Day At School | The Daily Dot


A Texas high school has come under fire for hosting a Thug Day, where white students took that to mean dressing in cornrows, chains, jerseys, and fake tattoos, aka things Black students often get punished for.

At least 30 students went to school on Tuesdayin such attire, which was part of spirit week at Memorial High School (MHS) in Houston, according to KHOU11. The week is supposed to celebrate rising juniors ahead of finals by maintaining different themes each day, such as Hippie, Jersey, 2000s, USA/America, Hawaiian, the latter two of which also sound problematic.

On Tuesday, user @Rachellemmma shared photos of students appropriating Black culture under the offensive guise of “thug” in a tweet that went viral.

Black kids get kicked out of school for the day until they take out their braids or take off their durags or sometimes suspended, responded one user. But suddenly when white kids do it its fine. Hmmm seems white. Cultural appropriation at its finest.

Other people felt the hypocrisy as well:

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