To propose to his girlfriend Wendy, Bill tattooed her name on his…

Penis. Unfortunately, when he was soft, only the 'W' and 'Y' were visible. Nonetheless, the proposal went well when he whipped it out for her, and Wendy accepted happily.

Not long after the proposal, they married and went on a Jamaican honeymoon. At the airport, Bill had to stop and take a leak, so he popped into the men's room. At the urinal next to him was a man with long dreads, and Bill happened to notice that the man also had 'WY' tattooed on his penis.

"Sir, I know it's bad form to look, but I noticed your tattoo. I have the same one. What are the odds two guys with 'Wendy' tattoos would be standing next to each other?"

The Rastafarian gives Bill a funny look, then glances down.

"Mine says "Welcome to Jamaica, mon. Have a nice day."

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