The Shop That Spawned 78 Trump Tattoos

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On cue, music started and Bob Holmes settled into tracing a black, white, and blue butterfly design for Crystal Goutheir, of Amesbury, Massachusetts. This is Crystals third butterfly tattoo, inspired by a butterfly she saw that reminded her of her late mother. Appropriately, it was the day before Mothers Day. Holmes has tattooed many butterflies, but hes most famous for tattoos of Donald Trump.

It was a misty, overcast afternoon in Seabrook, New Hampshire, a small coastal town only 6 miles from the summer tourist haven Hampton Beach. Holmes prepared his only tattoo of the day inside The Clay Dragon Tattoo Studio, a shop nestled in a strip plaza selling adult videos, fireworks, and comic books. The shop was clean and smelled like incense, and Hellboy was playing on the television. Theres a massive airbrushed mural of dragons surrounding Clayton Gould, Holmes late brother-in-law whom he named the shop after. There are also framed World War II-era posters with slogans like United Nations Fight For Freedom and United We Are Strong, United We Will Win.

The Clay Dragon Tattoo Studio is in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, and true to swing state form, was fairly divided in the 2016 presidential election. The county ultimately turned red, with Trump winning 50.5 percent of the votes. The town of Seabrook, home to about 13,000 residents, also swung to the right, clocking 2,743 votes for Trump and 1,595 for Clinton.

Inside this tattoo shop, its Trump country.

In the summer of 2016, Holmes gained national and international attention for offering free Trump tattoos ahead of the presidential election. It was accidental, Holmes said of the promotion. When a reporter from the U.K.s Telegraph asked him how hed react if someone wanted a Donald Trump tattoo, Holmes replied off-the-cuff that hed do it for free. The response went viral, and his appointment book quickly filled up with dozens of requests for Trump portraits and Make America Great Again script. There was a Trump stampa lower back tattoo flanked by tribal designsand a custom super Trump.

Prior to Trumps presidential run, Holmes said he had no interest in politics and had never voted. I never said a political word in my whole entire life before this one, Holmes said. Getting somebody somewhat normal, like us, is the key.

Holmes offered the free Trump tattoo promotion for one year and his shop has completed 78 Trump tattoos.

The clientele is a mix of both Holmes regulars and Trump fans across the country. Ive had em from Tennessee, from Florida, Texas, Holmes said. There was even one Albanian man in his mid-twenties who got a Trump portrait on his calf, he added.

The response, Holmes said, has been overwhelmingly positive. Ive got like 300 friends from around the nation now. Its pretty funny, they hit me up like, Oh I just want you to know I appreciate what youre doing and youre a patriot. Holmes laughs, Im not a patriot, I just want to do whats best for this country because this countrys not doing well. It wasnt doing well, its doing a lot better now.

Bill Fowler, 48, an Army veteran and father of 12, agrees. Thats why he got Make America Great Again tattooed on his arm.

Nobodys saying Im going to punch you because you have a Donald Trump tattoo, Fowler said. I want to make America great. This is my statement, he just happened to coin it. I want America to be great dont you? Everyone wants America to be great, and were not anymore.

Fowlers Trump-inspired ink wasnt his first go under the needle. Truth is scrawled across one forearm and Justice on the other. Hes tattooed We The People on his own leg. He also has a skull and bones, a dragon, and The Lorax, a character from a Dr. Seuss book of the same name.

Fowler has no regrets about his Make America Great Again tattoo, and said veterans in particular are 100 percent for it. They always ask Whered you get it, how much did it cost?

The only negative feedback Fowler said hes received is from his own brother, a Democrat who told him, unfortunately the tattoo is free but removals are expensive. Fowler said theres no chance hell get it removed.

Half a mile away, James Cook, 48, a cigar salesman, bears a forearm tattoo from Holmes of the constitution with Make America Great Again in script. Cook, who refers to himself as a Constitutionalist, says getting a Trump tattoo wasnt a rash decision. In college, back in 1990, I had big posters of him in my dorm and stuff, he said. It wasnt like I was one of those bandwagon jumpers. I was waiting for him to run for decades.

Cook got his tattoo ahead of the election, and said even if Trump would have lost, he wouldnt have regretted it.

Tattoos arent a political statement, theyre like postcards.

He likened himself to a suitcase covered in stickers and memories.

Im luggage! he laughed.

Cook said hes gotten tons of positive reactions from his tattoo, but also his truck. The back of my truck is all Trump stickers, I got the trump shirts and I wave the trump flags. Driving around in my Trump truck with my tattoo Ive never had a negative response, not once. I always get honks and thumbs ups. Cook then admitted that once when walking into a grocery store an elderly woman saw his Make America Great Again hat and told him If you think hes going to do that, youre full of shit.

People can say hes a buffoon, hes a TV personality, and all these things. Cook said. That might be the case, but hes also very smart, hes got a lot of business acumen; Hes the right guy for the job.

To date, Holmes knows of only one Trump tattoo hes done thats has been covered. The recipient, who asked not to be named in this article, had reTRUMPlican tattooed across the arch of her foot. Its since been replaced with a red rose and with swirling greenery by another artist at one of Holmes three tattoo shops. The ink did not hold, so instead of touching it up, I decided to cover it, she said. Despite this, she clarified, shes still a 100 percent Trump fan.

Holmes has been tattooing in his New Hampshire shops for nearly 30 years and is covered in tattoos. Surprisingly, he doesnt have a Trump tattoo himself.

Im waiting for Trump to come by and sign my arm, then Ill do his signature, he said.

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