Looking For A Fool

I've been slowly working through ideas in my head about what I want to get as my next tattoo, and I believe I've decided upon getting The Fool. But I don't want just any common Fool card on my arm. Figured this sub would be a good place to search/ask. I'd love if people could send me links to some of their cooler/unique/more interesting Fook cards they have or have seen. Maybe I'll find one I like or even one that could inspire me to come up with a design of my own. Themes I enjoy: Cosmic, Aqua/Ocean life, Futuristic, Nature/Plant life, Geometric/Simplistic. These are just ideas. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks! submitted by /u/Eqonesian [link] …

Are there any superstitions around tarot related tattoos that someone considering getting such a tattoo should think or know about?

I’m specifically wondering if it would be weird/bad omen-ish if I were to do a three-card spread. Kind of as a reminder of “don’t let the assholes get you down” in a more productive, artistic and symbolic form. The only thing I can think of to be worried about is the meaning changing over time, but I feel like that’s kind of the beauty of both tarot and tattoos. But is there something else I’m missing? I suppose I’m mostly second guessing myself because I feel like just a straightforward multi-card spread tattoo is rarely seen, so I’m wondering if I’m misinformed about something. submitted by /u/anny1ynna [link] [comments] Read more: reddit.com