Tumblr shitpost —> Proper text

So, basically, I've found this text while surfing the Internet. I even saw it before, on somebody's tattoo, I guess. But this text makes me suffer. I mean, I've found what does 'things break' means, but there are no dots and commas, so, I can't even understand it at all. Can somebody help me pls? How should this text look like? Text: this life is not easy things break your body gets sick some people are terrible people you love die and nothing is fair and bad luck is real but i love you submitted by /u/Snailidey [link] [comments] Read more: reddit.com

Is this a grammatically correct sentence?

"Honesty does not negate kindness" or "Honesty doesn't negate kindness" ​ I want to get a tattoo of this but I am worried that is not actually grammatically correct. Is it a double negative, etc? Is there a better way to phrase this sentence? I don't want to end with a #tattoofail and something I have to look at for the rest of my life! I often remind myself of this because I had been insensitive to others in the past for the sake of truth, but I have found that you can be truthful and kind in the same sentence, all that matters is the way you phrase your words. submitted by /u/readsleepeat [link] [comments] Read …