Every year on my Birthday

Every year on my Birthday

Every year on my Birthday, my wish is to do something where I’m “ultra present”, have a ton of FUN and experience something different! I don’t need or want presents, I want experiences 💗 Last year was paragliding, year before I jumped out of an airplane. Being that my bday is on a national holiday we couldn’t get into zip line or hot air balloon ride (two of my this years ideas) soooo… we went down my list…and today was PERFECT.

Every year on my Birthday with Natalie Jill

✅Spent the day with my two favorite people (my husband and my daughter)

✅Speed boating San Diego Bay (was actually super fast and fun!)

✅ And… finally got that tattoo I’ve wanted (sorry mom!)

✅My daughter painted me two gorgeous pictures and wrote me the most meaningful card ever.

✅ My husband made my day super memorable and fun!


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