Eight years after its launch, Twitch is getting a slightly new look

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Twitch is getting a new look ahead of this year’s Twitchcon in North America, bringing a new logo, new purple color, and new font to the streaming site’s branding.

The new design has been a year in the making, says Byron Phillipson, the company’s executive creative director. The team went deep, he continued, digging into what makes Twitch Twitch. The idea was to future-proof the brand and to better represent its creator community. “I think the important feature is that we’re not tearing everything down,” says Phillipson. “Twitch is a brand that is loved by a lot of people, and we want to be very considerate to our community.” (He did add that the number of people with the Twitch glitch tattoo made the team give the refresh some extra…

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