Check out this photo of three Auschwitz survivors, tattooed 10 numbers apart, meeting up 73 years later

As Twitchy reported, Hamas lobbed hundreds of rockets into Israel over the weekend and a certain freshman congresswoman sided with Hamas. She’s the same congresswoman whom the Democratic Party just couldn’t seem to censure for her numerous anti-Semitic statements. Add to that the Democrats have put up at least one candidate for president in 2020 who’s called the current government of Israel “racist.”

So besides being a great photo, we thought this picture was a great “screw you” to all of the people in the American government who have decided maybe Israel isn’t our ally anymore and only those with “dual loyalty” would support it.


If you’d like to hear more, the photographer also posted a video to YouTube:


Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

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